Alternate Investment Funds

Our AIF (Alternate Investment Fund) fund house offers – Category III to both Indian and International sophisticated investors thereby providing an opportunity to expand their investment horizon beyond the world of Mutual Funds. MOAMC has one of the largest alternative investment fund management platforms in India. The teams are supported by the organization’s collective knowledge, brand, and network.

Alternate Investment Fund is a licensed investment vehicle established & incorporated in India for collectively & privately investing on behalf of a niche segment of sophisticated investors. The minimum ticket size of 1 Cr makes these products ultra-exclusive in their investment approach. In the case of a close-ended structure, the scheme also enjoys the flexibility of calling for drawdowns over a period thereby making it favourable in a non-conducive environment. The regulation also permits extension of the tenure up to two years subject to approval and also can opt for early maturity depending on the market scenario. Thus, AIF (Alternate Investment Fund) combines the operational ease of a mutual fund and the flexibility of a PMS making it a perfect blend geared for generating optimum performance for a stipulated investment objective.

AIF is made via private placement only. Investment in securities are subject to market and other risks. Achievement of stated objectives are also subject to market risk. The scheme does not guarantee either of the above. Please read the Private Placement

Important Success factors for AIF's

  • Behavioural Alpha - Get Money when the price is right

  • Manager Alpha - Identify the right companies & have a framework to sell

  • Agency Alpha - Profit Sharing : Incentive Drives Behaviour

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